Mary Ellen GardinerChief of Staff

    Someone has to keep us all on track. And that someone is Mary Ellen. With more than twenty years’ experience as producer and production manager, our Chief of Staff knows the ins and outs of every type of video project. Have a problem–go ask Mary Ellen. Whether you need to strategize a budget, organize a remote, or arrange a last minute edit, she knows just what to do. More importantly, she understands how to tailor services and facilities to best meet the needs of any project.

    Mary Ellen began her career booking crews for a Boston production company. She quickly became indispensable, managing video operations in studio and on location. At WGBH-TV, she advanced to the position of Production Manager, where she handled multi-million dollar projects for the Educational Productions Department. At Engaging Students, her extensive production and management skills have been key to our success. We couldn’t do it without her.

    Jason York