Technician Education

All students deserve opportunities for professional fulfillment and financial security. Technical schools and community colleges often offer greater flexibility and lower-cost options for sustainable career paths compared with four-year programs. 

Our technician education videos help students:

  • better understand technician programs and trends
  • learn what it takes to succeed in technician programs
  • envision educational pathways, including transfer to four-year programs

Educators who need content that provides insight and perspectives about technician experiences and careers can incorporate these videos into lesson plans and class activities.

SciTrends—Robotics Careers

An engagement tool for middle and high school students, the SciTrends video series shines a spotlight on cutting-edge research in science and technology to develop STEM interests.

From Saltwater to Drinking Water

An award-winning web-based video series, Advanced Technological Education Television (ATETV) creates interest in careers in advanced technology.

Student Voices, Student Leaders

Student Voices, Student Leaders – Tamara Griffiths

Video series Student Voices, Student Leaders showcases community college students enrolled in Advanced Technological Education (ATE) programs. Students balance home, school and work on their educational journeys to being future STEM leaders.