Going Online: When Classroom Teaching Becomes Remote Instruction

Online teaching or remote instruction and CV19. Covid-19. Coronavirus.

Whatever you’re calling the virus, it’s creating a big challenge for teachers. Many schools are switching to remote instruction for the rest of the academic year. Teachers who don’t already instruct online may not have a lot of resources available. If you’re scrambling to figure out the basics of delivering a class remotely, this discussion can guide and support you and your students.

Lead Online Engagement Manager for Boston University Alyssa Kariofyllis joins Wheaton College instructor and longtime online educator C.C. Chapman as well as National Board Certified Teacher and biology instructor at Hong Kong International School Tim Best for a conversation packed with tips, perspective, and advice.

The panelists address:

  • what the biggest struggles are for students and how to address them
  • the importance of knowing the difference between teaching an online course and adapting to emergency remote instruction
  • how to ensure accessibility and suggestions for multiple modes of delivery
  • when to be firm and when to be flexible with requirements
  • why it’s important for as much of your team as possible to be on the same digital platform
  • the technical components you’ll need to deliver an effective online classroom experience
  • how to build in one-on-one time and small group work