HyFlex Instruction

Instructors and professors need to think about online instruction pedagogy and strategy before or at the same time as planning in-person instruction. COVID-19 has accelerated our need to recognize the benefits of having the flexibility to shift to hybrid or remote instruction, both for instructors and learners.

Ideas and tips for:

  • designing with online instruction in mind first
  • benefits of flipped classroom approaches
  • why you should at least record–and aim to simulcast–your in-person instruction
  • community building in online or hybrid classes
  • time management for instructors and students
  • district-wide solutions
  • assessment
  • instructor support around developing and using new tools and resources
  • investing in schools, students, and teachers and professors

Dr. Samuel and Dr. Rosenzsweig have shared some of the tools and rubrics discussed above and that they use in designing HyFlex classes. Below is a link to the HyFlex Learning website, with downloadable pdfs to help educators transition their classes from traditional formats to HyFlex delivery: https://hyflex-learning.com/transition-your-lessons/. There you’ll find:

  • Asynchronous Lesson Plan Example
  • Multimodal Lesson Plan Template
  • Multimodal Lesson Plan Template with Directions Template
  • Lesson Quality Metrics Template

You may also download word documents of the following: